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Folk high schools in Umeå

In Umeå, there are several opportunities for further education. For example the various folk high schools in Umeå and in the nearby areas.

A great deal of the people moving to Umeå wants to take part of a higher education. Most of them are applying to one of Umeås two universities, but a lot of them finds higher education at the folk high schools located in the Umeå region.

Strömbäcks folk high school

Strömbäcks folk high school are located in an 18th century building, which previously was northern Sweden´s first glassworks. The school is situated about twenty kilometers south of Umeå, just where the Umeåriver meets the ocean. Strömbäcks folk high school is located in an historic environment close to beautiful surrounding nature.

Strömbäcks folk high school are also a boarding school were about half of the school´s students choose to live. There are plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities close to nature and the school is located just outside the nature reserve Strömbäck-Kont, which is a popular excursion destination for the Umeå residents during the summer months. The school offers several preparatory educations, but also vocational educations for assistant nurses or musical artists at Sweden´s most northern musical education.

umeå folk high school

Umeå folk high school are located in the district of Ålidhem near Umeå campus, a district full of students. The school offers what you will need for further education at elementary, high school, and college levels. Umeå folk high school has a mixed range of courses, with everything from nursing and theology, to transportation and language courses at different levels.

västerbotten folk high school

Västerbottens folk high school is located in seven different places and are a collaboration between the folk high schools of Storuman and Vindeln. One of the shool locations is in Umeå, and you can find the school in newly renovated premises opposite to the University Hospital of Northern Sweden, right by Umeå campus.

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