Bildmuseet. Photo: Fredrik Larsson

Three Unique Museums to Visit in Umeå

In the cultural city of Umeå, you will always discover something that suits you and your interests. However, both residents and visitors alike should experience these unique museums at least once.

Umeå has vibrant scene for culture with strong institutions and creatives. Newcomers, visitors and residents have an extensive range to choose from. In Umeå, there is art, dance, theater and a music scene that accommodates everything from hip hop and hardcore; to folk music and opera.

Also there is these completely unique museums that you must not miss. They are all worth seeing and coming back to, why not when you have visiting friends or family?

A world-class museum

Bildmuseet regularly appears on lists of museums in the world that must not be missed. The building itself is worth a visit just for its architecture, and it is beautifully located next to the Ume River, as apart of Umeå University's art campus.

But its the exhibitions that will make you come back for more. Bildmuseet is one of the foremost art galleries for international contemporary art that can be found in Sweden. Bildmuseet co-produces exhibitions with artists, museums and universities from all over the world, which means an exciting mix of exhibitions that are exchanged over time. The exhibitions often receive attention both nationally and internationally.

Entry to the Museum of Women's history

The Museum of Women's history i situated in Väven, a house for culture. Photo: Maria Hedberg.

Sweden's first women's history museum

The Museum of Women's history challenges a writing of history that has excluded women, and provides space for voices other than those that have been heard the most so far. You'll discover a museum with a focus on gender and power, which opts out of the obvious. Women are placed at the center of stories in the museum's exhibitions. Woman as in one who defines oneself as a woman. Topics such as male norms, trans- and non-binary perspectives can also be found in the museum's constantly current exhibitions. Exhibitions are often produced in collaboration with other museums, universities or knowledge carriers in search of new interesting perspectives and stories to highlight.

A small part of the collection at Guitars the Museum.

A small part of the collection at Guitars the Museum. Photo: Fredrik Fagerlund.

A piece of music history

Discover the secret guitar collection at Guitars - The Museum. Here's a guitar that is similar to the one Keith Richards used when playing the riff in Honky Tonk Women. In the museum's collection, there are hundreds of completely unique and invaluable 60s and 70s instruments just like it.

But how did such a collection end up in Umeå, and not at Tate Modern in London or MoMa in New York? You will find the answer in the story of a couple of twins from Vännäsby outside Umeå, and the story of a unique collection that grew without anyone knowing.

A guided tour – is by far the best way to discover Guitars. And if you are lucky, you may hear the story directly from one of the Åhdén twin. Trust the recommendations on Tripadvisor and book a visit.

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