Sports and culture – the best of two worlds

Umeå is a active town, both in body and mind. One of Sweden´s most highly educated, intellectual and ideological cities is at the same time the country´s foremost sports city.

There is no conflict in training both mind and body, which is probably a contributing factor in the wellbeing of the people of Umeå.

There is no coincidence that Umeå offers a lot of opportunities to engage yourself in creating and consuming culture, as well as involving yourself in local sports. Nature is always right around the corner, and with the right of public access, you can excercise your right for skiing, hiking, fishing, trail running, mountain biking. If you are more into enjoying the scenery, bring some friends on an excursion into the surrounding nature.

Proud to be different

Umeå is a city characterized by culture and innovation. Umeå is benefitting from the flow of people coming from all over the world, to work and live in Umeå. The influx of new perspectives, ideas and experiences contributes to a vibrant culture.

Different forms of culture coexists in Umeå. You can take part in creating or consuming music, dance, film, art and theatre at one of Umeå´s cultural institutions. The DIY-culture is strongly imbedded in the people of Umeå. The people of Umeå take action rather than to wait for someone elses initiative, and they know that it is easier to get things done when you do it together.

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