Dad drops off his child at a Umeå preschool.


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The early year’s is the foundation for lifelong learning. The Swedish educational system starts at preschool, where the education focuses on democracy, influence and language development. The public schools in Umeå is among the country´s most successful. From the age of 1 to 20, there is a strong focus on the core mission: that every student should have the right to develop their full potential.

What Umeå has to offer

In the region there are many public preschools, and their prime focus is in giving your child a safe environment for learning and to inspire them to be curious for knowledge – throughout life. Preschool follows the curriculum and works equally with language skills, social competence, math and environmental issues. There is also several private preschools with different specializations.

Language-oriented preschools

The preschool Snöflingan (Snowflake) in the district of Berghem has a sami section, and finnish sections are offered att the preschool Lundagård in the district of Ålidhem. The children at these preeschools are given the opportunity to maintain and develop their mother tounge along with their multicultural identity. The municipality of Umeå are planning to open a Meänkieli preschool in case of interest.

For parents working inconvenient hours

Aftonstjärnan (the Evening Star) at Berghem offers childcare for children between 1 to 13 year old. The service is for caregivers working inconvenient hours during evenings, nights and weekends.

Preschool teacher helps a child with his shoes.

daycare as an option

Public or private daycare are offered instead of preschool or after school care, and are primarily situated in the daycaregiver’s home. The preschools curriculum works as a guide and the Swedish school law sets the framework.

How it works

You have the right to have your child at a preschool or in day care if the child is between 1 to 5 years old. As a caregiver you need to be employed, actively looking for jobs, or enrolled as a student. If you are on parental leave your child can be at either a preschool or day care to a certain extent.

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