Survey of Travel Habits 2022

Help us to make your life easier. The travel habits survey enables us to measure how and when people in Umeå travel. We do this for two reasons: partly to monitor our progress towards the goal of getting more people to travel sustainably, and partly to inform the planning of the various initiatives that affect the ways in which we travel – for example, which streets and cycle paths should be prioritised for snow clearance during the winter. The more people who participate, the better the results!

If you have received a letter from us

At the end of September, around 30,000 residents of Umeå were invited to take part in a survey about their travel habits. If you were one of these, please use the code contained in the invitation.

Download the app and take part in the survey without a letter

You can participate by downloading the TravelVu app. The app automatically registers the ways in which you travel. The survey is open for everybody between 1 October and 23 October. We would like you to participate for at least one week, but you are welcome to take part throughout the entire period of the survey.

Questions and answers

It is a survey whereby we measure how and when people in Umeå choose to travel. There are two reasons for this: partly to monitor our progress towards the goal of getting more people to travel sustainably, and partly because it returns data that is invaluable for the planning of the various measures and interventions that affect the ways in which we travel. The survey can help us to understand where a certain measure could achieve the greatest impact, or where appropriate measures have not yet been implemented – for example, one test we did using the app in 2018 revealed that certain routes that there were used by many cyclists were not among the areas that had been prioritised for snow clearance.

You take part by downloading an app on your phone. When the app launches for the first time, you will be asked to answer a few questions about yourself and your household – this will help us to understand how different groups use the transport system. The app will then measure your movements during the day, without you having to do anything.

At the end of the day, open the app to check that your journeys have been recorded correctly. If you find any errors, you can make adjustments to correct them. For your trips to be included in the survey, you must then click to confirm that the day’s data is correct. Participants must register data for at least seven days, but the results will be improved if you can provide data for as many days as possible.

How to download TravelVu

  1. Find and install TravelVu from GooglePlay or the App Store. You can also use the QR code to download the app.
  2. When you open the app, select Umeå Survey of Travel Habits 2022.
  3. Then answer the background questions about yourself, and enter your unique login ID:_______

How to check and correct your journeys

TravelVu makes informed guesses about your journeys. It is important that you check the app and rectify any errors before confirming that the journeys have been registered correctly.

  1. Activity: Has TravelVu recorded the correct activity? If you need to make a change, simply tap on the activity and enter the correct activity. The next time you are in the same place, TravelVu will remember what you did last time and suggest this.
  2. Journeys: Check that your journeys have been described correctly. If necessary, simply make adjustments to the means of transport, times or route.
  3. Has the day been recorded correctly? If the day’s travel has been described accurately, mark it as correct – all done!
  4. Questions: To understand how different groups travel and their attitudes towards transport, we will ask you a few short questions. These can be answered directly in the app.

If you would like help to get started, you are welcome to call Josefina Rosenlöv on 090-16 12 42. Help is also available at Seniortorget on Renmarkstorget in the city centre. We understand that not everybody is comfortable using apps, but the company that we have contracted to help us has really made an effort to ensure the app is as easy to use as possible. Don’t be afraid to try it out – if you get stuck, you can always call us for help.

The survey is conducted by a company that has extensive experience of collecting data about people’s travel habits. All the data will be treated confidentially, in accordance with the applicable legislation. Umeå Municipality will have some access to the data, but this will be limited so that it will not be possible to identify who has participated in the survey. For example, when we look at a map of whereabouts in Umeå the journeys have taken place, the final part of the journey is removed, so we are not able to see exactly where the participants live.

We treat your data confidentially, and will only present the material at an aggregate level where it is not possible to discern the travel patterns of individuals. Once the survey period has ended, the app will no longer track any of your journeys.

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